Invisible training in physical preparation for mountain biking

The beta activity is a demanding exercise at a physical level

The objective of the practice of any and all sports must have the purpose of well-being, health and pleasure. The Invisible Training, comes to help, with a series of principles and activities, to the realization of more efficient sport practices, especially:

  • Healthy Eating (We Are What We Eat);
  • The use of compression garments to reduce the sensation of sore muscles, reducing the feeling of tiredness;
  • Stretching at the end of physical exercise;
  • And a good rest;

Let’s see some peculiarities that the practice of mountain biking imposes on the body of the practitioner. In addition to the work of the cardiovascular system, mountain biking has a demanding neuromuscular involvement. If We Divide The Body Into Two Distinct Parts:

  • One to generate the movement, where the legs are used, the lower part;
  • The upper part, trunk and arms, is responsible for the balance always in continuous adjustments.

A balanced physical preparation

Our body works as a single system, therefore, in the training we carry out, we must perform exercises that consider it as a whole, in order to acquire a balanced physical preparation. Taking mountain bike rides is not just about leg strength, the movement of the various parts of the body, attention to the various changes in balance on the most demanding tracks, obliges us to exercise arms, abdominal core and legs, in other words, the body in a global and harmonious way. n the world of sport, Invisible Training has already demonstrated its effectiveness in increasing the physical condition of athletes and is within everyone’s reach. A Balanced Physical Preparation Is The Best Way To Prevent Injuries And, Through Body Balance, Muscle Strengthening And Stretches That Can Be Easily Worked Through Simple And Extremely Effective Exercises. Exercises: Squats, Pushups, Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Plank, Lunges, Glute Bridge, Single Leg Deadlift, Walk-Out Stretches: SGA (Active Global Stretching) Stretches, Analytical Stretches

Train or Rest?

It is just as important to train as it is to rest, otherwise, we will be preventing the body from recovering from the loads of training that we endure. Failures in feeding and hydration in mountain biking is an aspect that must be very well controlled, correct nutrition and hydration are basic conditions to maintain a good level of performance. To do so, read and follow the advice of the Eventsmtb Nutritionist. It is intended with this article to demonstrate that, to be a better Mountain bicyclist or acquire a better physical condition, some care should start at home and in addition to the practice, the invisible training is a continuous work to be carried out throughout the year. Results wont appear in the form of magic from one day to the next. It takes time and effort, but don´t give up! In the next article I will include a list with the description and sequence of exercises (variations), stretches and suggestions for training that can be done at home with the objective of preventing injuries and optimizing the sports performance of each one. By: Manuel Caridade